I wanted to express thanks to Africangreyparrotsforhome.com how helpful it was finding our new family parrot he was named Tom from the seller but we re-named him Ric. I was a bit unsure of how this entire experience would be BUT I could not be happier. We found the seller to be quite friendly and returned my calls in a timely manner, and he has the parrots well kept in his home. I took my parrot for his first visit with our Veterinarian within 2 days from getting him, and he checked him out and he is a nice healthy, parasite free bouncy soon to to be 1 year 3 weeks old so far everything is good. We are so happy to have Dash in our home.


Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying having Maxi with us!! Our vet was most complimentary about her physical condition and temperament, and specifically asked where she was bred. He said she was the healthiest parrot he had seen in a while! And of course she is absolutely beautiful. We were very surprised to find how companionable she is for such a young parrot – she loves to be near you, sleep at your feet (or on them!) And gives lots of parrot kisses. Thanks so much for everything


We purchased a bird from you guys after doing a lot of research online and messaging other people who have purchased birds as well. It was very important to me that this bird be very trainable and socialized since I’d plan on going through extensive training for her to be a family pet . Our Annie arrived  Atlanta very healthy at 8 months old.


I got my parrot Dec 2021. She was exactly as described and seen on pictures and videos. She is cute and funny and immediately become part of my family. Three days and housebroken. African Grey parrot Farm has done a terrific job of breeding and nurturing the parrot They are sociable, welcoming ,talkative and lovable



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